Image editing week 4

5 good site for brushes and Photoshop actions. And 5 plugins


  1. My Photoshop brushes – Brushes are divided in categorizing and tags that make the searching for brushes more easier.
  2. Brushes – Have thousands of resources for Photoshop brushes, strokes, fonts, shapes, etc.
  3. Photoshop support – Offer you all kind of resources for any kind of situation.
  4. Brushes download – It is categorized in different sections that make easy finding the right brush.
  5. QBrushes – You can search the exact brush that you need.


  1. Bella – Add a beautiful warmth to your photographs bring out rich tones in hair, and skin.
  2. Old photo – Add color and contrast.
  3. Vintage – Turn lowlight into colorful highlight.
  4. Infrared photography – Creates 2 adjustment layers inside a layer group.
  5. Plexiglass – Make easy to add abstract effects and borders to any image with a single click.


  1. Perfect effect 3 – The plugin features on effects library and allows you to stack multiple effects.
  2. Tych panel 2 – Create diptych, triptych and ntych panels.
  3. Freeware boundary noise reduction – noise reduction filter.
  4. Exposure X2 – Simulate film effects.
  5. Fixel contrastica 2 – A smart contrast intensifier that targets local and global contrast at the same time