Image editing week 2

Photoshop Tutorials

 1. Adobe

They have so many video tutorials that it help you in different ways.


This is a great site that you can learn everything about Photoshop and it is perfect for beginners intermediate and advanced learners.


This website offers you a lot of free training on Photoshop.

4. Phlearn

They have a variety of premium tutorials and good free tutorials on Photoshop as well as on photography.

5. Photoshop essential

It teach you from the basic of editing, designing retouch and more.

6. Photoshop start

It is a step by step tutorials that teach you not matter the skills levels that you are.


It is a great site that teach unique designs and text effects.

8. Kelby One

This site focus on Photoshop, photography and lightroom.

9. Plural sight

It help you master and discover all the creative possibilities of Photoshop.

10. Pixelzlife

It have thousand of tutorials of Photoshop trainings to choose from.