Image editing week 1

I just start my new class that is digital image editing. For this week in class I have to do a project about making postcards with a theme and we have to make from six to eight postcards from the picture we taken in the local area. So I went to Old town in kissimmee and I took about one-hundred-fifty pictures in total. I took pictures of the buildings because they give an old western feeling. I took pictures of the signs of the stores because of their interesting logos. I took pictures inside of a store that have all kinds of rocks and quartz to get the different textures, shapes, and colors. Also I took pictures of their rides, like the Ferris wheel, carousel, and the umbrella carnival ride because of their fun colors, and just because they look very cool. I also took other pictures of the surroundings of in Old town. At the end I am going to use one of the clock that is in the middle of Old Town, one of the front door of a store, some skull that were inside of a store and the three other rides. I like them, they all look nice.