Digital Illustrator week 3

The projects for this weeks are a tattoo that I have to make in Illustrator program and three party favors using the same program. For the tattoo project I had a lot of ideas like a rose, or any flower but at the end I didn’t use any because it didn’t come out the way I want it. At the end I use a heart but in the geometric art style.

For the second project I have to make three party favors that include an invitation and it have to be with an aquatic theme. I wanted to choose a character. I look for ideas for a characters like a sea-horse, different types of fishes and even a mermaid but I chose a jellyfish. I decided to pick a simple but very cute design that a child would like. The first party favor I chose of course an invitation that I made into a bag. The second party favor is a mini candy wrapper for the little candy at the party. The last and finale party favor that I made is a tag for those party blowouts that kids like play with at a party. In the end they came out perfect.