Web design1 in week 4

Doing this last project about web accessibility it help me understand more their need of people with different types of disability like visual motor cognitive and auditory.

I have learn how web accessibility can help each disability like:

Visual disability

  • Enlarge or reduce the text size
  • Custom the fonts, colors and the spacing
  • Listen to the text and audio of a video.

Motor or physical

The use of different types  of assertive technologies. Examples: adaptive key board, head wand, mouth stick, eye tracking, voice recognition software these are some of the more of prevalent technologies.


  • Transcripts and captions of audio content
  • Media players that display captains
  • Adjust the text size and colors


  • Block the flashing, blinking flickering


  • Read out loud
  • Modify the content to be understandable

 It’s really important to know their needs so they can use the web and understand the content. This way they can be able to explore the web, use social media, read the news, shop or even play games. The thing that we as a designer we have to make sure that when make a website that the people with disability feel confident, comfortable and be able to use the web with no problems.