Digital publication week 4

I have been working on my last project that is making a book. The book is a Halloween theme counting book for children one to five. I kept the color palette around Halloween colors, like orange, black, green, purple, and white . Next for each numbers I have pick different characters that you would see [...]


Digital publication week 3

In week 3 in this class I have been working on the magazine article project. That I have to make about a new designer in town that every student in class have to write about themselves. I have chose a dark grey color and a green to be the accent color. Also I add some [...]

digital publication week 1

I just starting a new class that is digital publication. For this class in the first week I have to reduce the newsletter of my college. The only thing I have to do is the layout, color, etc. because you can not change the information. I have been looking for a lot of ideas. I [...]

Image editing week 4

5 good site for brushes and Photoshop actions. And 5 plugins Brushes My Photoshop brushes - Brushes are divided in categorizing and tags that make the searching for brushes more easier. Brushes - Have thousands of resources for Photoshop brushes, strokes, fonts, shapes, etc. Photoshop support - Offer you all kind of resources for [...]

Image editing week 3

Website for image 1. Freerange Free membership - all images can be was for personal or commercial projects. 2. Pixabay Free membership - they have all kind of photography that you can download modify and distribute. 3. Pexels Free - have over 30,000 free stock photos. 4. Free - images on a daily basis. [...]

Image editing week 2

Photoshop Tutorials  1. Adobe They have so many video tutorials that it help you in different ways. 2. This is a great site that you can learn everything about Photoshop and it is perfect for beginners intermediate and advanced learners. 3. This website offers you a lot of free training on Photoshop. 4. [...]

Image editing week 1

I just start my new class that is digital image editing. For this week in class I have to do a project about making postcards with a theme and we have to make from six to eight postcards from the picture we taken in the local area. So I went to Old town in kissimmee [...]

Digital Illustrator week 4

I have been doing a weekly drawing since this month of class. The teacher gave us some drawing or images every week, then you pick which one you want to sketch. I don't think I improve much but it was fun practice. Now on to the projects, one project is about a children book cover. One [...]

Digital Illustrator week 3

The projects for this weeks are a tattoo that I have to make in Illustrator program and three party favors using the same program. For the tattoo project I had a lot of ideas like a rose, or any flower but at the end I didn't use any because it didn't come out the way [...]